Kataragama Dewalaya (Holy Shrine)

The world-famous holy site is dedicated to “Lord Kataragama” or Lord “Subramaniyam” as Hindus called, is a place where Sri Lankan Buddhist and Hindus worship. Millions of people visit this holy shrine every year in order to get the blessings of lord “Kataragama”


Ancient Buddhist temple with a large “Stupa” that was built by King Mahasen in 6th century BC.

Thissamaharamaya Ancient Buddhist Temple

 This temple was built by King “Kavan thissa” in around 2nd century BC.

Go Safari in Yala National Park

“Yala National Park” is one Sri Lanka’s biggest National Parks that covers roughly around 1000 Sq. Km.
This is the best place to locate Leopards as Yala is the place where the highest world’s highest leopard density.
You will lots of animals including Elephants, Crocodile, Deers, Wild boars, Peackocs, Monkeys, a large number of Birds species, etc.

Ridiyagama Safari Park

Spread across 500 acre land, this safari park is must see place while you are in Thissamaharamaya.
Animals such as Lions, Tigers, Elephants, Deers, Giraffes, Zebras, Crocodiles, Camels, Ostrichs, and many more species roaming around freely on they’re dedicated zones.

Hambantota Bird Park and Bird Research Center

Span across 35 acres, this unique place housing around 3500 birds that are belongs to 180 varieties.

Birdwatching at Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary

Kalametiya wetland is One of the best places to birdwatching in Sri Lanka. Coupled with boat safaris, this place is a heaven for Birdwatchers.
This place is a sanctuary for over 150 bird species.

Dry Zone Botanical Garden, Mirijjawila

Mirijjawila Botanical Garden is one of the five botanical gardens in Sri Lanka.
Showcasing, Unique Plants that are found in Dry zones in Sri Lanka.





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